These Workshops are Designed to:

Inspire, deepen and prepare participants

Move into a New Order of Being

Meet the challenges of the new Millennium

Dream Workshop

For the Public / On-going drop-in / Thursday Evening 7:00 to 9:30 PM fee: 4 weeks: $140 / single evening: $40. Every dream, in its own way, calls us to a higher level of consciousness of transformation and psychological growth. Dreams come to us each day like computer print-outs, that are left at our psychic door. If you are interested in picking up your dream print-outs, as you would your morning newspaper, to learn what is going on in your inner world and what your specific symbols mean in regard to your life, and your relationships, then join me in this exciting, provocative adventure.

Professional Dream Workshop

For Professionals and Interns / 8 to 10 week workshop / Monday 9:30 AM to noon fee: $140 per month. This workshop is geared to help therapists get a first-hand grasp of the workings of the symbolic process of the personal and collective unconscious. Using your own dreams as well as those of your clients, we will explore the hidden messages behind each dream, as well as the connection between outer events and relationships and the corresponding symbolic response from the unconscious. Special techniques will be used to help with the interpretation, understanding and integration of any symbol or image within the dream.

Beyond the Ego into a New Order of Being

For the Public / On-going / Sat 9:30 AM to 12 noon fee: $130 per month, continental breakfast included.A metaphysical study group for evolving in the new millennium. Exploring ancient and new-age teachings and their relevance to our psychological and spiritual growth. Focus will be on a higher consciousness perspective as we continue to face the increasing personal and collective challenges of this era. Support will be given to moving beyond our preoccupation with ego and its wants and needs to a new and deeper sense of Self that is essential as we move toward the light and fulfillment of our personal mission, purpose and destiny.

Individual Transformational Therapy

For the Public / For people interested in exploring personal issues in the privacy of a one-to-one environment. These issues include dream work, couples therapy, developing communication skills, as well as individual and group psycho-spiritual development. My work also includes loss and grief work, voice dialogue, guided imagery, family systems, as well as various multi-transpersonal perspectives. My emphasis is on ones personal relationship to oneself first and from there to any significant other, be it spouse, child, employer, friend or lover. Included in my work is the possible exploration into ones relationship to spirit or source.