We live at a time on the planet when a person's psychological and spiritual growth is not just a luxury, but an imperative. As East meets West, so spirit meets matter; particularly in terms of individuals and groups everywhere having the potential to Awaken; to a higher level of Consciousness and a deeper sense of self.

My work as a therapist is designed to explore the inner and outer realities of life and to help people acknowledge and work through the disowned or denied parts of themselves that create conflicts, strife, blocks and general disturbances in their lives and relationships. I help individuals, couples and families work through and resolve their fears and anxiety states, their emotional blocks and the negative or addictive through patterns of their false self.

Giving constructive expression to the various sub-personality parts, while at the same time gaining greater consciousness and understanding of them, helps to free up and release otherwise stifled and blocked energy. Through the acknowledgment and relationship to all our parts, comes the reclaiming of one's inherent power and effectiveness in life.

From Khrisna to Arjuna:

Get up and give up your unmanliness and get up and fight, Arjuna. This self-pity and self-indulgence is unbecoming of the great soul that you are.

An important aspect of my work is that each of us matters deeply and our relationship to our self is one of the most important relationships in our lives. I see Consciousness as a key factor for effecting all growth and change:

For facing any lesson or challenge in life

For working through any relationships problem

For realizing who we really are, that is our deeper Soul Self

For learning from any past or present mistake or error in judgment

For becoming aware of anything of value and meaning that lies outside our realm of consciousness

The ultimate goal of my work is to help each person connect his or her ego conscious personality self with their inner Soul Self and their Higher Transpersonal Self.

Dream Work

Dreams are the universal language of the unconscious. They reflect where we are with ourselves at any given moment or day in our life. Dreams are our personal unconscious computer printout, waiting each morning at our psychic door to be picked up, experienced, decoded, understood and integrated into our conscious life.

Dreams are also keys to awakening us to greater consciousness of who we really are. To decode and understand the hidden message and meaning of any dream is to tap into the guiding source behind dreams that is constantly urging or pushing us toward greater growth and evolvement. To understand a dream is to experience another colorful strand of the greater tapestry of our being.

Working with dreams is an important and dynamic part of my work.To facilitate this process I work at the:

INTERPERSONAL LEVEL - with relationship issues, improving communication skills, stress management, conflict resolution and learning to move through fear, anger, and depression to the owning of one's creative power.

INTRAPSYCHIC LEVEL - with dreams and fantasies, with dialogue work with subpersonality parts, dream figures and other owned and disowned parts and images of the psyche.

TRANSPERSONAL LEVEL - with the development of intuitive function, direct knowing through connecting to the higher self or source of wisdom and guidance.