Essays for a New Millenium

Crop Circle


With the coming of the new millennium, we are beginning to face the challenge of moving beyond our ego and lower self identity into a new order of being. It’s about this topic that I want to talk about primarily today; however there is a second topic that the new millennium brings up, which I would also like to address.

This is about the status of our planet and it’s inhabitants in connection to all the prophesies that have been made; particularly the Mayan prophesy--in which their calendar ends in the year of 2011 or 2012. They refer to is as the end of time as we know it. I will return to this theme in the second part of my talk.

With the coming of the new millennium, we are beginning to face the challenge of moving beyond our ego and lower self identity into a new order of being. This new order of Being puts us in touch with who we really are--as souls in evolution. It takes the emphasis off our existing preoccupation with our ego personality selves with all its wants and needs, and directs our consciousness toward the higher octaves of Spirit, which are: peace, love, beauty, harmony, understanding, self empowerment, compassion, forgiveness and oneness with God. When we are in sole identity with our ego, we are basically in separation from our soul and from God. This state of separation causes us to be out of harmony and balance with who we really are in terms of these higher attributes that I just mentioned. When we are in separation from God, we are also in separation from ourselves and this of course leads to separation from others, be it family, friend, culture, race, creed or nation. The new millennium brings us to the forefront of this issue of separation and our need to transcend it, along with numerous other issues waiting our collective attention.

This period in the history of our planet’s evolution finds us beginning to look at ourselves and our life problems, issues, lessons and challenges from a higher perspective. This is not a time to feel sorry for oneself or to pamper or indulge oneself with all the terrible things that happened to us when we were young or that are happening to us in the present. It is a time to look at what is, through the integration of heart and mind and not mind alone. This is a time to love and nurture oneself. It’s a time to get in touch with compassion and forgiveness for what ever negative behavior or mistakes were made against us or the mistakes we have made against ourselves. This is a time on the planet to move beyond the pettiness, selfishness and greed that so characterizes our daily lives. It is a time to see the bigger picture that we are moving toward. This picture is not only big, it is also very demanding in terms of the psychospiritual progress we are required to make in this life time or in this incarnation, if we are to evolved into the higher frequencies of spirit, the fifth dimension.

As I envision it, the new millennium calls us to stand up to the beauty and majesty of who we really are as Beings of God, of who we are as c-creators in the Diving Plan.

I see the new millennium as a supreme call as well as an opportunity to raise the vibratory frequency of our being. To raise our vibration is synonymous with moving into the light or becoming a light worker, which is what I believe the new millennium is really about. It is a call to higher service. It is a call for higher consciousness and it is a call to move out of separation and into the oneness with God and all life.

We do this by choosing to become accountable for each and every thought and action in our life in relation to ourself and to any meaningful relationship in our lives as well as toward any and all sentient beings on the planet, including our behavior to animals.

Consciousness is one of the major keys that will determine the degree to which we all grow and change on any level or to which we remain stuck in our old patterns and ways of being. To raise our consciousness, it’s essential that we also become conscious or aware of what we are doing, feeling and thinking at any given moment, not with the intent of judging ourselves, but with the intent of observing what is and then taking responsibility for our thoughts, our feelings and our behavior, in terms of what really serves the highest good and what doesn't.

It's been said many times that our thoughts create our reality; that as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be; that energy follows thought; that wherever your consciousness is there you are. This is a crucial period of time for raising our consciousness and becoming accountable for who we are as citizens of this planet.

Because we live within a third dimensional plane, we are subject to the laws of duality. As humans, we are pitched between all opposites. It’s our choice to use our energy in a qualified way or in a misqualified way. Every moment, every day we are faced with choices. Without consciousness energy uses us. We can then easily become a pawn to the energy of the forces of darkness that move us deeper into density.

The forces of light and the forces of darkness are very much apart of our third dimensional reality. We observe the forces of darkness being played out on so many of life’s arenas; from the actions of Yugoslavia’s Milosovec and the behavior of his brutal army to the senseless violence among our adult and adolescent population as seen across America alone in the last year or in the confines of homes where countless children are abused on a daily basis.

All of us grapple with the dark forces everyday in one form or another. Consciousness is our attempt to deal with what is, clearing the way for healthy, positive choices as to how we use our energy. We can use it in a positive qualified way or we can use our energy in a destructive and misqualified way. To purposely hurt or wound someone whether physically or emotionally is a misqualified use of energy. As Sister Corita Kent said many years ago. There is the negative and there is the positive; every moment we have the choice.

We have been living amongst much density on our planet. Our challenge at this time of the nee millennium is, as never before, to begin to move into light and love which are the highest frequencies in the universe.

Part of this challenge is to become aware of how and where our ego gets stuck or gets attached in the playing field of life as it strives for recognition, attention, importance and a false sense of self. I truly feel from experience, that our egos are what prevent us from knowing and experiencing real authentic love and light as our true state of begin. The ego is self centered. It gravitates toward a false sense of self power, self importance and prestige for its own sake. Without some connection to the soul, the ego can literally lead us around by the nose. To achieve the higher ground of our being, we must attempt to move beyond our ego self preoccupation and move into this higher Order of Being that awaits us.

And now the second topic I’d like to speak about regarding the new millennium. I see the new millennium as a further opening of the minds and souls and psyches to interdimentional phenomena. Countless people, including scientists are presently addressing the issue of the unseen worlds that have already begun to effect humanity in its search for more satisfying answers to life’s mysteries as well as in its hunger for deeper and more meaningful spiritual truths and awareness of who we really are, which we’ve forgotten to remember.

There are a number of mysterious phenomena happening on earth which have already begun to shift our consciousness out of its previous limited perspective. A few of these are: the crop circle phenomenon, the new water on the planet and the new indigo babies.

Independent of these phenomenon--are the increasing number of people who are experiencing direct contact from the unseen worlds. The most common are: the Angelic Realms, the Ascendant Masters as well as what we refer to as the extra terrestrials or Intelligent life forms of Higher forms of Consciousness from other Star Systems.

Much of this has been channeled and published for the public to read and come to terms with on an individual basis. There have also been countless reports of people who have had near death experiences and have reported similar experiences upon their return to consciousness.

There is mounting data regarding accounts of advanced intelligence coming from beyond our third dimensional plane. A good example of this is the “Conversations with God” books one, two and three which are on the top ten of the New York Times best seller list. Other examples are, “The Light Shall Set You Free” by N. M. and the “Seat of the Soul,” by Gary Zukov.

More and more people are experiencing the quickening or opening of the third eye or pineal gland that seems to act as the primary channel for receiving interdimensional information and varied kind of psycho-spiritual information or simply a more direct experience of God, divinity or the source of all.

I see all of this as part of a greater Awakening process of who we are and how we are connected to the vastness of both the seen and the unseen worlds.

All this new information and Teachings seem to be coming in at this critical time on the planet to help prepare humanity as the earth and its inhabitants move toward or into what has been referred to as the fifth dimension. This is the bigger picture I was referring to previously and it is Big and we are invited to prepare to move into it, however, it’s our choice.

I believe that we are at a time on the planet when major changes will take place and it behooves us to prepare ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for this profound change, i.e. transformation.

For those of us who consider ourselves to be caring, aspiring and consciously growing individuals, it isn’t difficult to realize that we are living at a time on our planet that is challenging, exciting, filled with possibilities on all levels of exploration and at the same time troubled beyond belief.

If we attempt to look at life from a higher and more objective perspective, it is as though the forces of light and the forces of darkness have reached a new level of intensity in its play to pull humans in one direction or the other. From this higher perspective, I see this as a momentous period in human history. Whether humanity, the planet and all life on it continues to survive, depends to a high degree on the level of our personal as well as collective capacity to ‘WAKE UP’ to who we really are as souls in evolution, instead of who we think we are as our false negative sense of self, or our false idealized sense of self. Identifying with either of these two polarized ego personality types, keeps us stuck on a treadmill of countless negative stories and beliefs about who we think we are, which is basically an illusion. It is time for all of us to ‘WAKE UP’ to the realization that we must get unhooked, that is, liberated from a perspective that keeps us limited and beneath who we really are at our core essence, as we face the challenges of the 21st Century.

As the 20th Century comes to a close, we humans have much to accomplish, whether on a personal psycho-spiritual level or on a mass consciousness collective level. Have you ever stopped to ponder what you are here for? What is the nature of your existence? What is the purpose of your life? Many times I have thought of these kinds of questions and each time the answer that came was, “well, it isn’t to play cards or to just watch television or to own a big house on a hill, or to own a certain amount of money or to attain some high ranking job. Somehow I knew that there was so much more to life than the above. At a very early age, I set out on a quest to find and learn what the deeper mystery of life was all about. At this present time the search is still on, and I am pleased to say that I have gathered much in the way of fascinating and enlightening information to help me, and I hope others, grasp and understand the deeper and higher meaning of life. A simple question one might ask oneself is ‘ What is life asking of me at this time?” The answer that comes can often give us clues to some important insights that can help facilitate new awareness and bring meaningful change in our lives. It’s very easy to get stuck in a particular unconscious rut or place in one’s life. To get out of it requires alto of courage and determination to be open to meeting life’s continual challenges and lessons which is the call of our time. These stuck places and/or challenges can be in relationship to our significant other, to our children, to our friends, to ourself, or to our work or higher aspirations.

Many years ago, I began to think about life from an interesting perspective. I was at a dinner party with a group of friends. Toward the end of the evening I was feeling rather introspective when I suddenly experienced an insight, in which I saw myself and all humanity poised between two worlds; the outer world as we know it when we open our eyes each morning, and the vast inner world of the personal and collective unconscious that we encounter each night when we sleep and dream or when we meditate or do any inner work, be it prayer, visualization, contemplation etc. As humans I saw each of us metaphorically as a bridge between these two worlds . I also saw how we are impacted by both of them . The outer world seemed like a stage upon which the stories, dramas and even major productions of our lives are created and played out. It was the arena upon which our outer work and psycho-spiritual growth as mortals was to be accomplished, and expressed for better or worse. Another image that came to me at that time was a coin. As the coin, one part of our being faced outward and the other side faced inward. When, at any moment you close your eyes you can immediately notice a shift in your awareness as your energy is directed inward as opposed to the outer world scene. If you direct your consciousness to this experience by actually closing your eyes for a few moments, you can observe a noticeable difference. Suddenly you find that your attention is turned to the interiority of your being where you can experienced inner sensations, feelings, thoughts or images. What also came to me at that time, was that both realms are vast and magnificent and each calls for our attention, our energy, and our love in order for us to grow and evolve as souls in evolution. As there is an external universe whose beginning and end lay clothed in unending mystery, so is there a vast inner universe that beckons to us, as do the stars in the sky on any clear night. It is imperative that we awaken to its images, through our Dreams and begin to hear and grasp its countless messages, through our intuition and our visions and creative ideas.

The nature of these two worlds and the fact that we, as ego-personalities exist between them gave rise for me to do some deeper creative thinking as to the interplay and relationship we have to the forces of the outer and inner worlds and how they play on us, the individual human as we journey through life.. What is the nature of this mystical relationship? What is the part that we individuals play in our own growth and destiny when we bring consciousness to meet and interact with the demands of both of these inner and outer realities?



Dreams are the universal language of the unconscious. They reflect where we are with ourselves at any given moment or day of our life. Dreams are our personal unconscious computer print-out, waiting each morning at our psychic door to be picked up, experienced, decoded, understood and integrated into our conscious life. To decode and understand the hidden message and meaning of any dream is to tap into the guiding source behind dreams that is constantly urging or pushing us toward greater growth and evolvement.

The moment we begin to take our dreams seriously; to ponder their mysterious and baffling meaning in relation to our daily life and relationships, we find ourselves embarking on a “journey of Self Discovery”. This is no easy journey, for this journey demands from us the best we have to give ourselves and life in the way of honesty and intent. It leads us into the realm of “greater Consciousness” of who we really are as opposed to who we think we are as our as our false negative or false idealized sense of self. ( As a therapist, I spend a considerable amount of time examining these states of false identification in the therapeutic sessions.) Consciousness is a key factor in understanding any dream because as we unravel or decode our dreams, we begin to see the interconnection between a particular symbol and what is going on in our life, either in relation to yourself or in relation to any given person, conflict, situation, or stuck pattern we may encounter in yourself.

What we find as we work with our dreams is that the unconscious is calling us into a new and different relationship with yourself. The inner reality of our experiences begins to emerge with new meaning and significance. We find that we no longer want or need to run away from ourselves, our pain, our hurt, our anger, our fear, our sorrow or our indignation by escaping into pills, drugs, alcohol, food, material possessions or well built defenses weight, intellect, roles, clothes, (appearance) and busyness.

We come to the awareness (consciousness) that we don’t have to fill every moment of our life with activity. We can actually be with ourselves in a quiet, tranquil space, where we can meet various unconscious parts of ourselves and bring the mind to the light of consciousness. This work allows us to form a new relationship with these previously unconscious parts. It allows images in the unconscious to energetically transform. An attacking animal becomes docile and friendly; an adversary either dies or becomes a helpful friend. Symbols and images begin to work for us rather than against us.

We begin to realize that our dreams are attempting to convey meaningful messages about ourselves that we’ve been in the dark about or unconscious of for a very long time.

The realization that there are indeed meaningful messages waiting for us each day beneath the obscure dream symbols, leads us to eventually comprehend that we are not alone, but are in a sort of silent partnership with a “ higher intelligence” within us that communicates to us daily through our Dreams, our visions, our insights and intuition, our body sensations, and our inspirations. etc. Jung refers to this force or intelligence that is obviously beyond our ego-personality (and yet includes it) as the SELF, as distinguished from our ego-conscious (personal) self. To experience the Self is to experience an unknowable force or energy that is in some mystical way attempting to push us toward greater evolvement. Having an increasing awareness of the Self or wisdom center within us, helps us immeasurably to face with perseverance and faith, the difficult, stressful and at times painful situations and lessons we are confronted with.

Knowing that whatever the situation, we are not alone, but are in some mystical partnership with a divine presence within us, adds a very new depth of meaning to our otherwise limited sense of self.

Jack Sandford, a Jungian analyst from San Diego, expressed this concept very well in the title of his excellent book Dreams, God’s Forgotten Language . The language of our dreams may be expressed mildly or harshly , bizarrely or in divinely loving terms. How we conduct our lives; the attitude, thoughts, feeling and beliefs we carry with us each day, will have a direct bearing on how the unconscious will respond to us symbolically in our dreams.

Jung refers to this journey , this inner/outer quest for greater and higher Consciousness as “ The Individuation Process”. It is a life time endeavor that doesn’t end when therapy ends. In a sense it is what Jung describes as a search for “wholeness.”

Is this search our choice or our requirement as souls in evolution? The Individuation Process is often thought of as synonymous with the hero of any fairy tale, who must follow a certain path in order to find the golden apple, or the healing waters of the fairy of the dawn or the beautiful princess (meaning , gaining access to the soul quality within). Following the fairy tale motif, the goal is to return and claim the kingdom from the bad queen (negative mother principle) or create a new kingdom or way of life. The final union of the prince and princess is symbolic of the inner subjective union of the masculine and feminine principle within all of us. In the course of each fairy tale the hero is usually diverted away from the path to experience the pursuits of the ego. Eventually, his reminded of his quest, his journey, his ultimate goal and returns to the path.

This too, is our challenge, since we are the hero or heroine of our personal story or journey. We too are prone to fall off the path of our own individuation as we become diverted away from the work of who we really are, by the countless distractions, excuses and justifications that come up to pull us away from the path of our soul growth.

Scott Peck, in A Road Less Traveled, calls this entropy or original sin ,i.e. laziness. Once we commit to the path of Individuation, the unconscious has a way of jolting us back when we leave it in pursuit of strictly ego endeavors, which ultimately leads us into greater imbalance. Either some outer crises, like illness or loss, etc. occurs and \ or the unconscious hits us with a powerful dream aimed at getting our attention to remind us to get back to what I believe is our psycho-spiritual growth and being about our Fathers ‘business. Man may think he is awake and conscious, but according to Jung, this is mainly so from a physiological standpoint. Psychologically,, he found that the average person walks around in a state of unconsciousness equivalent to being half awake. He referred to this state of being as like an “automaton” or living one’s life on automatic pilot.

In my professional work with clients, I have developed a simple outline for decoding and understanding dream symbols. First, I have the client tell me the dream. I try to get a sense if the dream is subjective or objective. In other words, does it have to do primarily with what is going on in the outer life of the person or is it strictly subjective, having to do solely with the inner reality of the person. Sometimes it is both.

If the dreamer contains unknown figures, it may well be a subjective dream which speaks of the dreamer’s relationship to him/her self. I find unknown figures in dreams to be particularly interesting. What I look for is a careful description of the figure and one’s feelings about the figure. I want to determine whether the figure is a friend (ally) or foe (adversary) part of themselves.

In many dreams the unknown figure can represent a higher self figure offering a special kind of guidance. In my professional training workshop, I emphasize the importance of never jumping to make a quick interpretation. The client and I work together, especially if its an objective dream, to grasp the connection to what’s going on in the outer life situation. The outline helps the client and myself break down the dream into parts that are not unlike a puzzle. Together we move the parts around fitting them to outer and inner events, to memories and associations, and into meaning.

1. First, I have them describe the scene. Where is the dream taking place? If it is inside, where is it? Is it in a house, a school, a hotel, or in an office building? If it is in a house, what part of the house, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, etc.? Each symbol carries its own personal significance for the client. In addition, there is the collective meaning. A school stands for a place of learning, that is required, but we must find out what the persons own associations are to this scene. Many people dream of being back in their childhood home, sometimes as children and sometimes as adults. Such an image would indicate unresolved issues around the parents or their childhood. A kitchen as a symbol is a place for cooking and preparing food and nourishment. Its also a place where one cooks psychologically. If a person has had upsetting experiences and memories in their childhood around food, the kitchen would not necessarily be a symbol of nourishment. A bedroom or bathroom is a place of intimacy, but there is obviously a different quality to intimacy in each of them. Does the dream take place outside? If so, is it in the mountains, in the desert, at a lake? Doe it take place in another country? Other countries are particularly fascinating, especially if the dreamer has never been there.

2. Who are the players in your dreams? Most dreams involve people. Who are these people? Are they from your current life or are they from the past? If they’re from the past, what period in your life? How old were you? What was going on during that period of your life? Was it a good period or difficult? If it was difficult, how? Why? All this information gives clues to the ultimate meaning of the dream. Are the players children? Again, how old are they or you as a child? Does the dream have to do with babies? Newborn babies stand for the birth of a new life principle, whether masculine or feminine. Are there animals present in your dream? If so, are they domesticated animals or are they jungle or wild animals? Animals stand for our instinct life, however, there is a great deal of difference between a dog and a cat and there is certainly a big difference between an elephant and a lion. The lion, as the kind of the jungle, is one of the most powerful instinctual symbols. If you dream of an animal it is referring to your instinct life. What kind of shape is it in? Are the animals well? Are they ferocious or are they your friends?

What other symbols stand out in your dreams? Colors are important symbols as are weather conditions. the time of the day, cars, the clothes you or others are wearing. Clothes represent our self image or persona. If one is naked in the dream we would, of course, have to get the person’s thoughts about being naked. Does it cause the person to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable or does it produce sexual feelings in the person? There is no end to the symbolism that springs forth from the unconscious.

3. What is the action in the dream? What is taking place in the dream and around whom? A common dream motif is driving a car. A car is our way of getting around quickly. Important details to note: the description of the car (who is behind the wheel or in charge), what make is it and what vintage tells us so much about what is going on psychologically with the person. A woman has a repeated dream of something going wrong with her car. The unconscious was trying to tell her that something wasn’t right with her ego adaptation (way of getting around). Other activities in dreams range from traveling (on ship, plane, car, foot, etc.) and the story or description that goes with it. A dreamer could be hiking, cooking, fighting, making love, taking an exam, sleeping etc. A common theme in a dream is losing something. Purses and wallets are most common symbols that are lost. They both can stand for losing one’s identity. Losing one’s car or becoming lost is also common. Another common action in a dream is being chased. in this motif, who is being chased? Who is the figure doing the chasing? This usually represents the adversary. Who are we running away from? What part of ourselves? A part that Jung has designated as the shadow.

These are parts of use we consciously reject, deny or disown. It represents the other side of us, which could stand for our repressed anger, jealousy, power, or some neglected part of ourselves. The shadow is not bad or negative. It is a disowned part that eventually gains energy or power in the unconscious.

What we eat in a dream is an important indicator of the quality of what we are psychologically taking in or feeding ourselves.

4. What is the feeling tone of any particular segment of the dream? What is the overall feeling tone of the dream? The feeling tone relates to our various experiences within the dream. Does a particular scene evoke happiness and pleasure, or does it evoke anger, tension, fear, surprise? Each segment can produce different feeling responses, from disgust and anger to feeling released and at peace. How does the dream begin and how does it end?

A client of mine dreamed of riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Ahead of him he sees train tracks and an approaching train. He decides to race the train, guns his engine and zooms towards the tracks. He barely makes it as he slams against a fence of a junk yard. He feel relieved that he’s OK, but then becomes very disturbed to find out that he can’t get out of this junk yard. A man tells him that it’s all locked up. He then notices a woman who reminds him of me and she is able to find a way to get him freed, because he said he had a child he had to go and see. After getting out he goes to the child who he finds frozen in some freezer. The child turned out to be the two year old daughter of a friend of his.

Together we acknowledged that the motorcycle represented a very powerful masculine and solitary part of himself. A motorcycle is a solitary way of getting around. This definitely fit my client at that time. It is also a very macho vehicle which also described my client. The action shows him in a sort of dare-devil act, perhaps trying to prove himself. It also involves risk. He makes it, but at a price. He winds up in a place of dead cars--the end of the line.

At the time I believed that was where he was psychologically and perhaps even physically heading. Either the outer or inner therapist or both come to his rescue and find a way to free him. Now he has to find a way to free the very young feminine within him from the cold storage. This dream shook him up. He was a very attractive man who tended to have a very tough powerful persona, that had the potential as the dream alluded to, for getting him into a lot of trouble.

5. What is the message of the dream? In the previous dream, we were able to see that the dreamer was pressing his luck with his power game, that psychologically a junk yard is both the end of the line and a pretty low and depressed place to wind up. He did get the message but it has taken him a longer time to rescue the vulnerable and soft feeling side of himself.

It has been made very clear to me through experience that the unconscious wants us to “make it.” Once we commit to the Individuation Process (to the path of psycho spiritual growth) the unconscious then seems to require our continued investment in this growth process. It doesn’t let us off the hook so easily when we forget and stray away from ourselves.

This doesn’t seem to be as much an issue with people who have no particular interest or awareness of psychological or soul growth, including interest in their dreams. To those of us committed, the unconscious seems to need the introspective energy of paying attention to what’s going on around us and being willing to own our errors and mistakes as well as face our responsibilities without damning ourselves.

What is essential is an attitude of “what can I learn from this experience in order not to make this same mistake again?” I see mistakes as being a natural phenomena of life. We all make mistakes continually. It is part of the way we grow, learn and become conscious. It is when the ego is insecure, fragile or brittle that it needs to protect and defend itself because, in this case, owning the mistake would create more guilt or pain than the ego can handle. These are the same people who cannot take criticism well. To own a mistake would be to painfully identify with a lesser part of themselves. It is in this way that growth is blocked as well as consciousness.

In connection with the Individuation Process it is important to learn the difference between identifying at the victim level when we are hit by some heavy life situation and acknowledging and even experiencing the pain and vulnerability without becoming a victim. These are the most difficult and challenging moment because despite our pain, anguish, and general upset, becoming a victim or a martyr doesn’t agree with the unconscious.

Here is where one learns of the concept of the “dark night of the soul” which Jung has frequently referred to in his writings. This is the experience of acknowledging “what is the pain and carrying the tension of it, that is going through it, rather than fighting it or denying it or trying to escape from it. It is the ability to move through the experience as consciously as possible, carrying the tension as much as possible (as opposed to giving into the anger, rage tears) that triggers off what Jung calls the “Transcendent Function,” which is the release of the “Big Dream.” Jung also refers to this kind of a Dream as symbols of reconciliation. When you experience such a dream you know you cannot be quite the same again.

I believe that dreams come from different levels of the psyche (Unconscious). At this point I would say that there are at least three levels from which dreams emanate.

There is the deepest level (words are very inadequate to describe the psyche) which Jung refers to as the Collective Unconscious. This is the realm where the Archetypes emerge from. Archetypes are the universal symbols or motifs found in all cultures. Examples of an archetypal symbol would be the hero, the wise man, the magician, the clown or fool, the witch or crone, the seductress, the goddess, the healer, etc. There are people who live their lives in identification with one or more archetypal image. For the rest of us they appear in our dreams to make some dramatic or powerful statement.

The second level is the Personal Unconscious which would be the level where the majority of our dreams emanate.

The third level would be the Higher Unconscious or Cosmic Unconscious or Super Conscious level from which comes our more transpersonal or spiritual dreams. The Big Dream could come from either the first or third levels.

What is fascinating and paradoxical about the nature of the unconscious is that when we do the work, it lets us know it by a positive dream that can be very uplifting and encouraging. When we don’t sell ourselves out by falling victim to our old negative patterns and beliefs, and when instead, we find new ways to acknowledge and empower ourselves from a non-ego attitude, then we will know it by the quality of our dreams.

I have no doubt that we are monitored in our waking state by some mystical mechanism that can scan our every thought, feeling, emotion, attitude and behavior and feed back to us its response in the form of the Dream.

Dream work isn’t simple yet it can be deeply rewarding. It gives us the necessary and important guideposts along the way of our personal journey which I believe are indispensable for our arriving at our true destination.