About Thea Soroyan

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Thea Soroyan is a psychotherapist practicing transformational and transpersonal therapy. She recently moved to Boulder, Colo. after practicing psychotherapy in Los Angeles for 35 years.Thea is well-versed in the psychology of Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, Carl Rogers, Robert Assagioli as well as the teachings of other spiritual and metaphysical modalities.

Her expertise lies in the field of dream work and couples therapy as well as individual and group psychospiritual development. A primary focus of her work is helping clients develop communication skills leading to greater understanding, love, tolerance of differences and fulfillment between couples.

Thea also has an extended background in the field of Art Therapy. In 1972, she helped co-found the Center for the Healing Arts in West Los Angeles. Her expertise includes loss and grief work, voice dialogue, guided imagery, family systems. In recent years, Thea's emphasis has been in various multi-transpersonal perspectives including exploration into the spiritual e.g. transcendent experiences through higher states of consciousness.

Thea served as Director of Therapeutic Services at Covenant House in Hollywood from 1989 through 1990. She has been in private practice since 1971.